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Most likely, you do not keep track of the time you spend in your car, but if you do you will realize that it is a lot of time. In fact, statistics indicate that an average American spends over 37,935 hours in a lifetime, and the numbers can be even higher if you live in a place where you regularly experience traffic snarl-ups.

Bearing that in mind, this is more than enough reason to ensure that your car is kept clean at all times, both the interior and the exterior. Keeping your clean is not something that should give you stress as there are several tips which you can employ to ensure that your car is always having an alluring sparkle and dust-free at the same time.

Here are some of the top tips you should employ to keep your car clean:

Use Wet Auto Wipes to Clean Interior

use wet wipes to wipe interiorOne of the best ways to keep your car interior surfaces clean is using wet auto wipes to get rid of dust that might accumulate on the dashboard, steering wheel, glove compartment, or even h windscreen. Ensure that your glove box does not miss some wet auto wipes, as they play a huge role in keeping the interior of your car clean.

Ensure That Your Car Is Regularly Maintained

You might wonder how this tip contributes to keeping you clean, but it is actually of great help. Having a not well-maintained car means that the car has many mechanical issues, which can encourage dust built-up inside your car.
On top of that, a car that is not maintained well can emit some unpleasant odors which unfortunately also ends up inside the car. Spending a lot of time in an environment like this can actually be harmful because regular maintenance for your car is essential.

Shake Your Mats Regularly

One of the reasons why your car may always look dirty or has a lot of dust build-up is because you might not be shaking your mats. Considering that you step on them with your shoes, you can imagine how quickly they get dirty. As such, ensure that you regularly shake the mats to remove dust and vacuum them when they get dirtier.

Use Cup Holder Liners

Cup holders can get dirty and sticky quickly as a result of drink spills. That is the main reason why you should consider getting cup holder liners to prevent drinks from spilling into the cup holders. These liners come in handy, especially if you do not have a lot of time to constantly clean your car’s interior. You can also use some wet auto wipes to clean any drink spill before it dries up.…

woman on a car

Some people believe that cars are for men only. That is a naked lie. Ladies too admire cars and want to drive their own. The truth is that ladies have their preference for what they would like to drive. If you take a few hours and observe cars on the load, you will be surprised that there are many women driving than those who know african proverbs about mothers. You will see most women in cars such as Mazda Demio, Toyota Vitz, Toyota Lexus, and Honda Stream. The following are the most popular cars for women.

Chevrolet Malibu 2016

The car has a beautiful interior that most ladies love. It has adequate space for five passengers and a large trunk that can carry your gear. It’s base engine is turbocharged and comes with an automatic transmission. You will find that the car’s throttle response is quite strong, and it provides easy handling.

Mazda CX-3 2016

woman driving a carMazda is well-known for producing beautiful feminine vehicles. This particular car was designed for new, younger buyers. You will find the car being efficient, provides a lot of equipment, and fun to drive. The engine delivers top-class fuel economy. It has a horsepower of 146 paired with six-speed automatic transmission. You can also shift to a manual transmission.

Honda Civic

This is a five-passenger car that provides reliable, safe, and efficient transportation for people who are on a tight budget. The base has a 2.0-liter engine that delivers 158 horsepower.

Mini Cooper Clubman 2016

This is the latest generation of Clubman. Originally with four seats, but has been rectified, with another spot added. Rear’s barn-style twin doors plus four doors maximize the usability of the vehicle’s space.


This is a perfect sports car for a lady who craves for high performance on the road. The car can deliver up to 450 horsepower. It has beautiful, comfortable seats that highlight motorsport qualities. Currently, the car is only available as a sedan, convertible, and coupe.

Toyota Lexus RX 450

It is a good idea to get the hybrid version of Toyota Lexus. The car is excellent in fuel economy and has spacious, comfortable seats. Although it is not sporty like most of its competitors, it provides quick acceleration and decent handling that provides a smooth ride.

The above are some of the cost-effective cars for ladies. Remember that most ladies want cars that are beautiful, simple, and easy to handle.…