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Most likely, you do not keep track of the time you spend in your car, but if you do you will realize that it is a lot of time. In fact, statistics indicate that an average American spends over 37,935 hours in a lifetime, and the numbers can be even higher if you live in a place where you regularly experience traffic snarl-ups.

Bearing that in mind, this is more than enough reason to ensure that your car is kept clean at all times, both the interior and the exterior. Keeping your clean is not something that should give you stress as there are several tips which you can employ to ensure that your car is always having an alluring sparkle and dust-free at the same time.

Here are some of the top tips you should employ to keep your car clean:

Use Wet Auto Wipes to Clean Interior

use wet wipes to wipe interiorOne of the best ways to keep your car interior surfaces clean is using wet auto wipes to get rid of dust that might accumulate on the dashboard, steering wheel, glove compartment, or even h windscreen. Ensure that your glove box does not miss some wet auto wipes, as they play a huge role in keeping the interior of your car clean.

Ensure That Your Car Is Regularly Maintained

You might wonder how this tip contributes to keeping you clean, but it is actually of great help. Having a not well-maintained car means that the car has many mechanical issues, which can encourage dust built-up inside your car.
On top of that, a car that is not maintained well can emit some unpleasant odors which unfortunately also ends up inside the car. Spending a lot of time in an environment like this can actually be harmful because regular maintenance for your car is essential.

Shake Your Mats Regularly

One of the reasons why your car may always look dirty or has a lot of dust build-up is because you might not be shaking your mats. Considering that you step on them with your shoes, you can imagine how quickly they get dirty. As such, ensure that you regularly shake the mats to remove dust and vacuum them when they get dirtier.

Use Cup Holder Liners

Cup holders can get dirty and sticky quickly as a result of drink spills. That is the main reason why you should consider getting cup holder liners to prevent drinks from spilling into the cup holders. These liners come in handy, especially if you do not have a lot of time to constantly clean your car’s interior. You can also use some wet auto wipes to clean any drink spill before it dries up.…

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Getting involved is always an unfortunate experience. As much as you might be careful while on the roads, some drivers aren’t. In such a case, you might avoid head-on collisions only to be rear-ended by a careless driver. When people are involved in an accident, it is unfortunate that most of them do not know how to handle the situation, especially filling for an insurance claim. Here are some practical tips for anyone planning to file a car insurance claim.

Safety First

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Most accidents have casualties. Therefore, you need to ensure everyone involved in the accidents is safe as soon as you get from the scene. Injuries during an accident should make you eligible for personal injury compensation. Get to the nearest hospital and have a physician attend to you, and help you file a legitimate claim that is based on medical evidence.

Gather Information and Evidence

After you are sure that everyone is safe, or when everything is under control, you need to start the process of gathering some evidence. This process begins by getting the details of the other driver and their insurance information. Most drivers will be willing to provide you with these details, but sometimes you might get some problematic drivers.

Besides having the driver’s information, pictures of the accident are an essential source of evidence. Getting some pictures is critical for adding more weight to your case, in case the other driver or the witnesses tell a different story. While taking snaps, make sure that you have details such as the model of the car, license plate number, and insurance details.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

With the evidence you need, call your insurance company right away to initiate the claim. The good thing about filing a claim is that most insurance companies are open 24 hours a day, so you should be able to reach someone on their end. After successfully making your case known, the insurer will provide you with an insurance claims adjuster. The adjuster will then examine the nature of the accident and offer their recommendations. Whether they recommend repairs or a placement, see to it that you are not shortchanged, but indemnified.

Final Word

The experiences involved when making a claim differ considerably. Primarily, your choice of an insurance company will determine whether you will have a smooth claims process or not. In light of this, always go for the best insurer who is backed up with lots of positive reviews as far insurance services are concerned.…