How to Keep Your Engine Away from Early Damage

The car engine is an integral part of a vehicle. In fact, it is called the heart of a car; therefore, it should get the best care to ensure our vehicle’s maximum functioning. Like the human heart that may breakdown due to none adherence to healthy practices, our car can also malfunction if we do not give proper care to its engine.

Problems, like knocking noise while driving and increasing exhaust, indicate an impending engine failure that you cannot afford not to take action. Being cautious with your car’s performance will help you to detect issues that will emanate from the car engine. Is it more difficult to start your car now? Does it seem to have a hard time speeding up? When you notice these things, you should have the engine of your vehicle be checked right away.

Another sign that your engine is starting to fail is when you notice that your car is having some hard time staying on at a red light or when you stopped abruptly at a certain point anywhere else. You should also worry if you notice that the engine light is not functioning normally. This may present as a small problem now, but you will be in big trouble if you don’t let your engine be checked immediately.

Indeed, we should take care of our car engine if we do not like to experience unnecessary inconveniences because of a faulty engine. Here are some tips for caring for your engine.

Never Forget to Change Oil as Scheduled

The ideal time to change oil is every after three months and when your car has traveled not more than ten thousand miles. Marking the date when you had your smogmart oil change will help you not to forget this important date. It may also be wiser if you schedule the rest of your car’s overall check-up when going for a change oil.

Address Any Minor Problems

It is essential to fix any small issues that you are encountering while driving. There may be up for something bigger if you do not fix them outright.

Clean Your Car’s Engine

Cleaning your car’s engine is not hard to do, and you are only required to do it in one year. You can coincide this maintenance routine with your fourth change oil schedule so it will not be a hassle.


Warm the Engine First During Winter

During cold days, it is best to warm up your engine before you drive. This will not give undue stress to your engine. Avoiding long trips but making sure that you drive your car in a week are helpful to your car engine’s health.…